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Debt Relief: Stop Harassment, Garnishment, and Repossession

Get Relief from the Phone Calls - and the Fear

The stress of being in debt can affect your marriage and family relationships, your career and even your health. To compound your own anxiety and guilt about owing money and not being able to pay all your bills, collectors can be relentless, merciless and abusive, saying and doing anything they can to elicit a payment from you.

Under federal law, a bankruptcy filing will stop creditors from contacting you; this happens via an Automatic Stay, which gives instant protection in almost all cases upon filing. In many cases, bankruptcy can also stop home foreclosure and vehicle repossession. Contact us, St. Louis Attorneys, to discuss whether bankruptcy is appropriate for you.

Bankruptcy Can Stop Vehicle Repossession

If you are behind on car payments, you may be afraid of losing your source of transportation. If you are being threatened with the repossession of your vehicle, or if your wages are being garnished, your ability to get to work or pay for basic expenses is at risk.

While nobody can help you keep a home or car that you simply cannot afford, a skilled bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help you stop foreclosure, vehicle repossession and wage garnishment. You may be surprised at how powerful bankruptcy can be if you are struggling with debt and feel like you have no options. Help is available in Missouri, so call now!

Stopping Wage Garnishment and Bank Levies

Creditors can seek a judgment in court to legally take your money if you are delinquent on payments. Wage garnishment is a method of debt collection by which a creditor legally obtains the right to take money directly from your paycheck. In Missouri, a creditor can take as much as 25% of your net earnings! A bank levy is when the money is taken directly from your bank account. A garnishment and a bank levy can happen at the same time. This is bad news for you.

The good news is that filing bankruptcy can restore your wages and release bank levies by stopping the enforcement of court judgments that allow garnishments and levies to happen. If your paycheck is being garnished, your bank account is frozen or you are being harassed by creditors, talk to a Missouri bankruptcy lawyer about your options. Schedule an appointment with our attorneys to talk about how to stop wage garnishment from debt collectors.

St. Louis Bankruptcy Protection Attorney

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings can stop creditor harassment, wage garnishment, bank levies and repossession. If you are in or near St. Louis, Florissant, or Clayton, Missouri, Contact us to discuss whether bankruptcy is a good choice for you. The consultation is free.

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