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Debt, Collections, and Relief

When you owe money to someone else, that is considered a debt. However, owing money is not necessarily a bad thing. Debt can help with large purchases such as cars or houses, as long as you keep a budget and manage your debt.

Debt can become a problem when you are no longer able to pay back the money owed. This can happen for many reasons. At this point, debt collectors might call you and you might have legal problems if you cannot pay back the money. Sometimes, debt can hurt your credit history.

Debt collectors are people or companies who try to collect money you owe to someone else. Debt collectors must follow rules when they call you. If they do not follow the rules, you can complain about them to the Federal Trade Commission. You can ask a debt collector to stop calling you. Legally, they must stop. If they do not, you can report them to the Federal Trade Commission.

Stopping calls does not mean the debt goes away. The debt collector might still sue you to collect money. If you are being sued, you should get a notice in the mail. This notice is called a “summons.” If the court determines you owe the money, they might even tell your employer to take money out of your paycheck until you repay what you owe. This is called “garnishing” your wages.

If you have trouble paying back debts, you can try to make payment arrangements with your creditors. This allows you to make small payments until the money is paid back. If your are unable to make these payments, or your creditors do not accept a payment plan, you have other options.

You can get a credit counselor to make a debt management plan. You pay the counselor each month and they pay your debts. Make sure you choose a reputable credit counselor because they negotiate your debts and pay out your money.

You can also file bankruptcy. This is a process where you can get relief from harassing creditors, garnishments, and overwhelming debts. Contact us to see how the bankruptcy process can help you out.

You have options, let us know if you need help with debts and creditors. We have helped hundreds get out from crippling debt and collections.

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