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One Easy Step to Avoid Missouri Tax Garnishment

Missouri will aggressively pursue delinquent taxes. However, they will send you several letters before taking serious action. If you ignore the letters and a garnishment is issued on your paycheck, you have reached the point of no return. Chances are almost certain that you will have to file a bankruptcy to get the garnishment released. If this tax debt is your only issue, that's an extreme solution. It will release the garnishment but might not get rid of the tax debt. You need a better strategy. The first question I ask clients is: "Do you actually owe the tax" ? Many clients are not sure. That's where we start. Do you want to pay taxes that you don't owe? It's possible that through a series of events that you didn't even know was happening, you ended up with a tax bill.

The bottom line is Missouri will garnish your paycheck and take most of your money unless you prove that they are wrong.

Did you know that Missouri can send your account to the Prosecuting Attorney? You can't use silence as your plan. I'll investigate and I'll speak up on your behalf. You might owe the tax and I can work out a plan for you. You might not owe the tax and you will be relieved. There is an answer and a resolution. Seek it. Call me.

Visit our tax website for more information about St. Louis and Missouri tax relief help at

Since 1997, the St. Louis attorneys at The Law Office of Tracy A. Brown, P.C., have helped hundreds in Saint Louis stop creditors from harassing, garnishing, and threatening clients through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings that alleviate excessive debt. Contact us today to free your future from your past.

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